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Girls Birthday Dresses

Pink Velvet Birthday Dress

Pink Velvet Birthday Dress

Birthday Dress. Skirt on this dress is made of satin with a tulle overlay. Lively colorful ribbons are loosely tossed in the inside of the tulle. Tea length dress. The bodice is made of soft pink velvet and has lovely balloons on the front where the number is attachable. Attached partial crinoline for added fullness.
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Pink Velvet Birthday Dresses

Precious Cake Birthday Dress

Precious Cake Birthday Dress

Girls Birthday Dresses

Girls Cake Dress made of satin with an organza overlay. Lovely organza rosettes adorn this layer cake like dress; looks absolutely magnificent. Jewel neckline with sleeveless bodice. Choose your number for the cake-top decoration.


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Precious Cake Birthday Dress

Yellow Satin White Embroidered Birthday Cake Dress

Birthday Dresses - Little Girls

Girls Cake Dress made of yellow satin bodice and embroidered white skirt. Jewel neckline with sleeves. Choose your number or heart shape for the cake-top decoration.

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Beautiful Girls Birthday Dresses

Birthday Outfits

Girls Birthday Outfit

Birthday Princess Outfit. Includes pink cotton pants or your choice of pink cotton shorts and adorable Princess Ballerina Cotton Birthday Shirt decorated with pink faux fur.

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Princess Birthday Outfit

Princess Dress Gifts

Cinderella Dress Gift Box with pretty accessories to go with her fancy dress ups.

princess party sets

Birthday Party Supplies

Girls Birthday Party Dresses

Without question our customers have always been excited about our Girls Birthday Party Dresses and for good reason. We love to bring to you our loyal customers unique one of a kind dresses that are without a doubt the nicest girls birthday dresses. While on the look for your little girls birthday party dress and accessories take under consideration the complete outfit. Within one's budget we offer dress accessories in keeping with the look at play such our lace socks, lace or satin gloves, white shoes, and for certain a tiara. Our birthday cakes dress lines are at the forefront of fashion trends and in demand even out of season. When you visit our website you find out exactly what fashions are available in girls birthday dresses, and where trends come from and how to incorporate them into your girls look. Also, compare the new styles to our classic lines that by design are made for birthday events.

With the help of simple things to make her feel that this is her special day. Allow her to make decisions - what she has for breakfast, what she wears. Let her be the "boss: (For example, she can tell you what she wants for lunch). With the aid of a Princess Tiara, a Girls Birthday Dress or Birthday Outfit and a personal birthday banner, and save both. You can bring it out, every year as many of our friends do. Without question a wonderful idea is to take her picture in the same crown in front of the same banner and then place these pictures, a copy of the invitation, and notes on some of the events that happened at the party in a Birthday book. Your child will look forward to this yearly, and when she is older these touches will be a truly priceless memory for all of you. We provide the perfect dress to Little Princesses all over the world with lovely dresses that will create cherished memories in family photos for years to come.

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